Mississauga SEO Company – Hired!

mississauga seo companyOkay, as some of you know I’ve been attempting to do SEO for my own business ( I’m a chiropractor), but the results have not been as good as I would have hoped. I’ve decided to hire a SEO company.

My buddy ended up recommending Mississauga SEO, url here: http://www.mississaugaseoconsultant.ca/

I’ve just started talking to the owner, and we’re still discussing price. If you know of any Good SEO companies let me know. Price is important, but so is quality!

I’v  been pre occupied with work lately so I haven’t had time to play much streetfighter unfortunately. Looking to take some time of very soon and can’t wait!

What have you guys been up to? Something more fun than me I hope!

Anyway that’s it for today. I’ll let you know how my meeting with the seo company goes.