No Down Payment Car Insurance – Car Insurance Time!

No Down Payment Car Insurance

I hate car insurance shopping, I really do. Trying to figure out the slight differences between each policy, and whether that small saving there is worth the difference in coverage. This year was even more complicated than normal, because I learned a whole new thing to consider – the option of no down payment car insurance.

I’d just been assuming that paying a down payment was a standard part of insurance, and begrudgingly had just been going with it. Turns out that’s not the case at all, and it’s possible to find a policy that doesn’t require one!

Whilst I was annoyed about this at first – another thing to have to think about? – I soon realised that actually, it’s a really good thing. Instead of having to try and get a deposit together, I can just forget about that bit and weigh up the monthly payments and deductible costs. It makes those bits slightly higher, but since I don’t have to come up with a chunk of money upfront it’s a little bit easier for me, and makes me feel better about my savings account.

I really wish I’d been taught more about what insurance actually is, involves and how to find the best deals – I’m still not sure I have actually found the best deal, but it’s definitely better than my previous one. If nothing else, I managed to get a new customer deal by changing from my old company to my new one. I wish company loyalty was still common, but unfortunately it’s not, so changing tends to lead to better deals.

I’d definitely recommend spending the extra time searching for no down payment car insurance – as I said, I hate shopping for policies, and it was an extra bit of annoyance at the time, but afterwards when I realised how much extra money it left me with, it was worthwhile.

I mean, I’m still hoping this policy remains cost efficient for a while, because I really don’t want to have to go through all this again. I might have got a policy that I wanted, but it’s not made me like shopping any more. It was a bit easier thanks to comparison sites like:, but still more of a hassle than I would have liked.