Shout to my friend

Some of you guys might not know, but I have a day Job! Shocker I know right, gotta work to live. I’m actually a chiropractor, and recently I’ve started my own clinic (Bet you never thought a a crazy streetfighter maniac was a doctor).

Anyway, I’ve been growing my clinic slowly by advertising and referrals. But not fast enough. I had a website made by a friend, but it wasn’t getting and visitors.

I did some Google and ran into this awesome guide: Chiropractor SEO. SEO stands for search engine optimization, thats what you need to do for your website to show higher in Google pretty much. Also ran into this great guide on chiropractic marketing, on the same site.

I applied some of the basic principles in the guide linked above and I’ve started to get visitors to the site.

Visitors to the site = Customers!

I’m really happy with the progress I made and just wanted to share it quickly. Thanks Benjamin, your guide helped me big time!