I Went to a Nail Salon For The First Time… in China.

Yo Peeps! Long time no see. If you don’t have me on twitter you wouldn’t know I was just in CHINA working. Of all the cools things I saw and did, I thought this experience was probably the most interesting to share,  so here we go!

Getting my nails done

Language barriers can be tricky things. I should know, I spent most of the last year living in the world’s least English speaking country. In my experience, being unable to communicate in words equals awkward moments. And so when it came to life’s luxuries. Haircuts, manicures, take out food, paying my rent. I did what any responsible fully functioning adult would. I avoided them like the plague.

Now usually, I do my own nails at home. But being in China, I quickly slipped into the luxurious expat lifestyle and refused to partake in such manual labour. So, eventually, after spending 3 months with the nails of a potato farmer, I could put it off no more. I donned my big girl pants and headed off to the nail salon.

I stepped through the door, stood in the middle of the salon, and proceeded to mime ‘nail painting’ to the room full of onlookers. As they stared open mouthed (apparently they didn’t get many blonde haired, blue eyed customers), I continued. Becoming increasingly more animated in my charade.

After around 5 minutes of this awkward interpretive dance. I was ushered to a seat and handed an iPad containing every nail design known to man to choose from. Still unnerved by the staring which hadn’t eased up since my shock arrival, I panic-picked the first design I laid my eyes on that didn’t involve blinding diamonte’s and sat back.

The next hour involved sitting in silence while several women sat around and closely inspected various parts of my face. All the time laughing amongst each other and pointing. Occasionally barking an order at me in Chinese repeatedly, until I stumbled upon what was being asked.

When I finally left the salon it was with brand new shiny nails. Was the whole experience incredibly awkward? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Did it stop me from committing nail care blasphemy, and…gulp…picking off my manicure, simply to avoid another visit? It did not.

However, now I’m back in the English-speaking world I’m very excited to reacquaint myself with the nail salon. Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to try new things, I get my nails done now. And I like it. I had some trouble finding a cool salons near me, but ended up finding an awesome site that I recommend checking out: http://www.salonscompare.com/