Street fight tourny

Some friggen awesome gameplay from the street fighter pre launch tourney. I really need to practice abit more, these guys would own me. Anyone in the NJ area wanna play? Send me an email. Looking for PRO level players.

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance? Here’s How I Figured It Out

Who Has the Cheapest Auto Insurance?

I was determined to reconfigure my budget because I really wanted a new car. When I sat down and looked at everything, I realized that actually buying a new car was much more complicated than just adding a car payment into the monthly figures.

For starters, I’d have to pay a lot more for my insurance, too. Plus, I’d most likely want to take good care of a new car so maintenance would cost more than it did now. If I’m being honest, the car I was driving at the time was more than a decade old and I was lucky if I got the oil changed half as often as I should. I stopped taking care of it when it hit 100,000 miles and began saving for a new car instead.

Because of my negligence, I had managed to save a good down payment over the last two years or so and was beyond ready for a new car. But to work out the details of my budget and to know exactly what I could afford, I’d have to take those other factors into account, too. My logic was that the maintenance was just a given. I didn’t really have much control over how much it would cost. Fuel was something I had a lot of control over so I just figured I’d tackle that week to week.

That left my insurance. The first thing I did was ask myself who has the cheapest auto insurance? But it wasn’t exactly that simple. I didn’t just want cheap. I wanted something that was both cheap and gave me good coverage.

Getting the cheapest auto insurance possible

It wasn’t really as easy as doing an internet search for “cheapest auto insurance” but I’d be lying if I said it was extremely difficult. I just had to do a lot of reading. Look at different policies on different company’s websites, talk to different agents, read all the fine print. Eventually I settled on some very cheap car insurance no deposit needed, which I found here:

Luckily, thanks to the internet, you can do a lot of this work from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas, without actually talking to another human being. That might have been my favorite part, actually. Haggling with the car salesmen was going to be hard enough, I really wanted this process to be as easy as it could be.

In the end, I walked away a satisfied customer: new car, affordable policy, budget intact.

Moving Cross Country – Our Story

My wife and I were newly married when we decided to pack up and move across the country. I had a few job prospects out that way and she was game for anything. We didn’t have kids, we were young, nothing holding us back. We just jumped in the car one day with a small trailer carrying a few of our most prized possessions. It was our greatest adventure.

When we got there, we camped for a few days and begged people we barely knew to let us use their showers. I was going on a few job interviews that first week and definitely couldn’t go looking like I’d slept in a sleeping bag next to a fire. I got a job pretty quickly so we upgraded to one of those extended stay hotels. A microwave, a small stovetop, a fridge, and a shower.

This, of course, wasn’t cheap. And it ended up taking us a lot longer than we ever could have anticipated to find an apartment and we had to spend a good chunk of our savings to furnish it. All this before I brought home my first paycheck.

So, we had to look for ways to save money wherever we could. It was going to be tough, especially while my wife was still looking for work. We cut back as much as we could. Looked for very cheap car insurance no deposit. Only shopped at discount stores. Bought whatever we could in bulk. We had rice and some kind of vegetable almost every day for dinner for that first month because it was plentiful and cheap.

But, it was worth it. I ended up loving my job. I quickly blew through my probationary period and was offered a promotion within six months. My wife found a great teaching job at a small school within walking distance from our apartment. Things just clicked.

Last week, we got another piece of news. We’re soon to be a family of three. Well, four, if you count the dog we adopted last month. Yes, we’re having a baby. Right when we were debating upgrading to the expensive cable package again. Guess our cottage rental in ontario will also have to cancelled :(.  We decided that we were fine living the way we were – keeping our expenses as low as possible, living within our means, and even starting to save for a down payment on a house. Moving here was the best thing we ever did.

No Down Payment Car Insurance – Car Insurance Time!

No Down Payment Car Insurance

I hate car insurance shopping, I really do. Trying to figure out the slight differences between each policy, and whether that small saving there is worth the difference in coverage. This year was even more complicated than normal, because I learned a whole new thing to consider – the option of no down payment car insurance.

I’d just been assuming that paying a down payment was a standard part of insurance, and begrudgingly had just been going with it. Turns out that’s not the case at all, and it’s possible to find a policy that doesn’t require one!

Whilst I was annoyed about this at first – another thing to have to think about? – I soon realised that actually, it’s a really good thing. Instead of having to try and get a deposit together, I can just forget about that bit and weigh up the monthly payments and deductible costs. It makes those bits slightly higher, but since I don’t have to come up with a chunk of money upfront it’s a little bit easier for me, and makes me feel better about my savings account.

I really wish I’d been taught more about what insurance actually is, involves and how to find the best deals – I’m still not sure I have actually found the best deal, but it’s definitely better than my previous one. If nothing else, I managed to get a new customer deal by changing from my old company to my new one. I wish company loyalty was still common, but unfortunately it’s not, so changing tends to lead to better deals.

I’d definitely recommend spending the extra time searching for no down payment car insurance – as I said, I hate shopping for policies, and it was an extra bit of annoyance at the time, but afterwards when I realised how much extra money it left me with, it was worthwhile.

I mean, I’m still hoping this policy remains cost efficient for a while, because I really don’t want to have to go through all this again. I might have got a policy that I wanted, but it’s not made me like shopping any more. It was a bit easier thanks to comparison sites like:, but still more of a hassle than I would have liked.

Pandas Don’t Want A Human Experience

Considering most people have only ever seen pandas in cartoons or YouTube videos, a lot of them are mighty judgemental at my going to the conservation centre in Chengdu and not taking the opportunity to hug one.

To be perfectly honest. I think it’s cruel. Pandas, if their behaviour is anything to go by, would actually quite like to just quietly die out.

I mean they eat for 16 hours a day and only move if they absolutely have to. They also hurl themselves around as though they want to fall on their head from a great height. And then they appear confused when they do in fact, land on their head from a great height.

Does that sound like a creature that cares about its survival?

Animals that want to achieve extinction do not want to socialise, not even with each other. So why on earth would they want to hug a family of 6 humans from Sheffield? Or me?

Also, pandas are kind of dirty when you see them in real life. You can’t expect something that lazy to keep up with its hygiene, they probably smell really bad, it would have rubbed off on me and I have this weird thing where I don’t like to stink of shit.

Not to mention the fact that the ‘small donation’ you have to leave in return for a reluctant panda hug would have alleviated me of my life savings.

So rather than run off to find a loans place near me, which I did:, and spend an awkward 10 minutes having a camera shoved in my face (which I get to experience in China for free most days anyway).

While I sit with an animal that has been dragged in and out of the same room all morning to be embraced by all manner of strangers and doesn’t want to be there. And end up with a photo I look awful in and a desperate need to take a shower.

I chose to just keep a respectful distance, for not a million dollars.

I Went to a Nail Salon For The First Time… in China.

Yo Peeps! Long time no see. If you don’t have me on twitter you wouldn’t know I was just in CHINA working. Of all the cools things I saw and did, I thought this experience was probably the most interesting to share,  so here we go!

Getting my nails done

Language barriers can be tricky things. I should know, I spent most of the last year living in the world’s least English speaking country. In my experience, being unable to communicate in words equals awkward moments. And so when it came to life’s luxuries. Haircuts, manicures, take out food, paying my rent. I did what any responsible fully functioning adult would. I avoided them like the plague.

Now usually, I do my own nails at home. But being in China, I quickly slipped into the luxurious expat lifestyle and refused to partake in such manual labour. So, eventually, after spending 3 months with the nails of a potato farmer, I could put it off no more. I donned my big girl pants and headed off to the nail salon.

I stepped through the door, stood in the middle of the salon, and proceeded to mime ‘nail painting’ to the room full of onlookers. As they stared open mouthed (apparently they didn’t get many blonde haired, blue eyed customers), I continued. Becoming increasingly more animated in my charade.

After around 5 minutes of this awkward interpretive dance. I was ushered to a seat and handed an iPad containing every nail design known to man to choose from. Still unnerved by the staring which hadn’t eased up since my shock arrival, I panic-picked the first design I laid my eyes on that didn’t involve blinding diamonte’s and sat back.

The next hour involved sitting in silence while several women sat around and closely inspected various parts of my face. All the time laughing amongst each other and pointing. Occasionally barking an order at me in Chinese repeatedly, until I stumbled upon what was being asked.

When I finally left the salon it was with brand new shiny nails. Was the whole experience incredibly awkward? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. Did it stop me from committing nail care blasphemy, and…gulp…picking off my manicure, simply to avoid another visit? It did not.

However, now I’m back in the English-speaking world I’m very excited to reacquaint myself with the nail salon. Moral of the story? Don’t be afraid to try new things, I get my nails done now. And I like it. I had some trouble finding a cool salons near me, but ended up finding an awesome site that I recommend checking out:

mexico vacation

Hoteles En Bacalar Are Comfortable Just Like the Town

// Just got back from an amazing vacation in mexico, here’s a quick review//

The town of Bacalar is now my favorite location for a relaxing, authentic small Caribbean town vacation. This magical village is full of interesting history, most of which you can experience for yourselves.

A visit to the Fort of San Felipe and the Museum of Pirates will thrill you as it enthralled me. You’ll get the sense of history that is Bacalar. These are just a couple of the town’s many features that will capture the rapt attention of your whole family.

It is also impossible to ignore Bacalar’s world famous multi-colored lagoon, which is an exciting, natural, warm water swimming pool, promoting even more relaxation and fun. You also will see the nuances of Caribbean culture “up close and personal” when you choose Bacalar for your rest and relaxation (R&R) interlude.

If you love fresh seafood as I do, you’ll love the hotels and restaurants in Bacalar. You will be challenged to find fresher seafood varieties anywhere else around the globe.

You’ll also have great fun at the many frequent festivals and other events the locals enjoy. The townspeople are pleasant and welcoming. Whether you come to Bacalar for romance or family fun, you will find what you seek in this magical town.

Hoteles En Bacalar

There are no large hotel complexes in Bacalar, unlike many other outstanding warm weather tourist destinations. I believe this is a good thing, particularly if you want to “get away from it all.”

If you’re a fan of snorkeling, as I am, and windsurfing, you’ll love Las Velas Bacalar as a destination. The fabulous views are only matched by its location, right on the shores of the famous Bacalar Lagoon. The hotel’s restaurant, Playita, serves wonderful dishes to tempt and satisfy any palate.

If you love the beach as I do, you’ll have a great time at Las Velas Bacalar. The multi-colored waters of the Lagoon shine brightly at this beachfront destination. Relax on the deck and watch the rest of the world go by.

When you value laid back, friendly staff, primarily concerned with your comfort and enjoyment, you’ll find your ideal at this hotel. Should you also enjoy sailing and kayaking, you will be thrilled at the seven colors of the Lagoon, as you enjoy the hotel’s private dock.

When you bring the family, your kids will love the kids’ meals and snack bar; you can also choose to have breakfast in your room. This hotel also offers babysitting service if you prefer to leave the young ones at the hotel while you explore Bacalar or, should you take advantage of the sailboat tours of the Lake and Lagoon, babysitting could be an ideal solution for family harmony.

With only four guest rooms, Las Velas Bacalar is the epitome of the intimate accommodations Bacalar is famous for.  It is more like a Bed & Breakfast Inn (B&B) with hotel services than a typical mega hotel that you’re used to. Hotel staff speak three languages (Swedish, Spanish, and English) for your convenience.

Ten Tips that Improved My Tennis Immediately

I don’t talk a lot about this on the blog, but I’m a big fan of tennis. So today’s blog post is going to be about tennis!

While I have played competitive tennis for years, until I tried these 10 tips from a professional player’s coach, did I improve my tennis game immediately. Mike Sell, who has coached young USTA tennis stars, such as Mardy Fish, Donald Young, and John Isner, who was ranked #1 in the past.

Sell was also Monica Seles’ personal coach, while she was winning five championships and reaching three other tournament title matches. He developed these tips which help amateurs become better tennis players right away.

Coach’s Tips

Try out these simple tips for yourself. You will see they can help you as they helped me.

  1. Focus on only one playing strategy in each match.Don’t be creative during a match. Do what the pros do: Hit only the shots you are confident will work. Stick with a pattern of play you decide upon before you take the court. I hate to deliver clichés, but “plan your work and work your plan.” It will lead you to better play as it did for me.
  2. Dial back your serve speed; don’t try to hit your serve through a brick wall.Sure you want to hit a speed demon first serve (the most important shot in tennis). But, take a tip from the best professional coaches. Once again, follow the pro’s lead. The top pros focus on only 80 percent speed and placement. It’s more successful than always hitting second serves or having a bunch of double faults, giving away points for no reason.
  3. It’s all in your back leg; get it behind the ball for more shot pace.

    Load your bodyweight on your back leg before every shot to get more pace and quicker weight transfer to your racquet. This will also improve your footwork. You’ll find yourself hitting more powerful and consistent shots, while not “reaching” for the ball while you’re not balanced.
  4. Learn to adjust your momentum to the match; learn to be more patient.

    Do you “panic” when you lose two or three points in a row? Many players do. You cannot get multiple points back on a single rally—only one at a time. Learn to be patient as most pros know.
  5. Keep your hydration and energy level high.Drink water on every break and have a bite of a snack on every other break.
  6. Don’t try to hit a line on every shot; too much room for error.

    Be aggressive, not reckless.
  7. Identify the opponent’s weaknesses this match—and hit to his/her weakness.

    Sometimes better players have no obvious weaknesses, but they often display a new weakness during a match. Hit the ball at their weakness.
  8. Are you typically a “slow starter?” Stretch longer and harder before a match.Stretching effectively is vital to performing well without suffering injuries. If it takes you time to “warm” to the match, try stretching longer before a match.
  9. Have your racquet strung by professionals, who know how to do it properly.

    Stringing a tennis racquet is as much “art” as “science.” One size does not fit all.
  10. Watch videos of yourself.Have a friend or tennis buddy shoot some video (on his smartphone) of you practicing or playing a match. You’ll see what you’re doing right—and, equally vital, wrong.

These tennis tips will improve your game immediately. They worked for my game; these tips will work for you, too! Enjoy your additional victories.


Do people play Streetfighter in Brazil?

Great news guy’s! I’m going to Brazil with my family to visit some family. I’m doing to be there two weeks, staying at the amazing Hospital Copa Star. A family friend set us up at this hotel, it’s actually a hospital as well that has a 5 star hotel in it. Pretty interesting lol.

Anyway, I’m excited for this trip since I haven’t been in Brazil for over 5 years, and haven’t seen a lot of my family in a long time. I see some on skype from time to time, but it’s not the same thing. Seeing people in person is much better in my opinion, and until VR gets better that’s the way it’ll stay.

Anyway, quick question for my Brazilian readers, does anyone play Streetfighter in brazil? How big is the community?

I’m looking for some good players to play against. Any PRO Brazilian players here think they can take me? Let’s play!

I’m going to brazil November 4th, and will be there for two weeks. You can contact me by email if you’d like to play a match or two; or even if you just want to hang out.


Bad credit car loans

Okay, here’s something you guy’s probably don’t know about me, I have bad credit. I’ve been trying to get a car loan for a while and had no luck. After googling for a few hours I ran into a pretty awesome site: I know it’s a Canadian site, but they do work with U.S customers ( Lucky me). Anyway I was able to find and compare bad credit car loans with the site. Found some very good loans ( low interest).

Wanted to give them a quick shoutout, in case anyone else has some credit problems.

Now on to real life. There’s a Streetfighter tourny in New Jersey on July 26th, 2016. Message me if you’re interested.

Finding Cheap Car Insurance in NJ

Okay, so recently I’ve had some bad luck and had someone crash into me. My car is completely messed up. But I learned two thing’s from this experience.

  1. My car is made out of paper ( Honda Civic). If this was a serious crash I would be dead. I need to buy a better and safer car…
  2. My insurance was horrible. Bad service, and had to fight tooth and nail to get them to cover anything.

After this entire mess was dealt with the first thing I did was start googling for cheap car insurance in NJ. I found an awesome site called

Put in your zip code and get dozens of insurance quotes. Real simple. I didn’t have to waste my time on the phone with the annoying insurance people.

I ended up finding some cheaper car insurance, and from a much better company.

P.S I’m realising a gaming video very soon. Get excited!

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